After three years of virtual events, last week we convened our client community in our hometown for two days of education, collaboration, and relationship-building. And it was amazing.

But don’t take our word for it —here’s what publishers had to say about our time together collaborating, learning, discussing, and networking:

  • “It was really cool to get a peek behind the Silverchair curtain, to meet and talk to Silverchair staff and other Silverchair publishers, and to brainstorm new ideas. The Forum itself was fresh and informative. When we conducted our RFP, a big priority for us was to find a partner who could serve as a hub for our network of independent publishers. This event confirmed that we made the right choice.
  • “What an awesome event! My expectations were greatly exceeded from a ‘use of my time’ perspective. The networking, leadership exposure, collaboration/sharing amongst customers and entertainment/activities—it was a good investment of my time.
  • “Thanks so much for pulling together an excellent series of events. It was the perfect balance of sessions and unstructured time for discussions and networking.”
  • “Thanks again for such an amazing event! I am so impressed with SC and its company culture as well as the community you have created among publishers.”
  • “The sincerity, dedication and openness of the Silverchair team comes across very strongly at an in-person event like that.”
  • “Silverchair knows how to put on a quality event that's lots of fun too.”

Our teams also got a lot out of the event, with many people meeting IRL for the first time after years of virtual interactions.

  • “We already knew from client surveys that the people of Silverchair are what clients like best. However, last week it was on full display when I walked through the halls of the Hardware Store and saw nothing but a sea of Silverchairians and clients working side by side, collaborating, learning, and laughing together. Watching Melissa Jenco from AAP give her Composer presentation on Wednesday was also pretty powerful—she gets it!” —Sarah Heid, VP of Customer Success
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed hearing clients’ needs and what they were prioritizing for future project requests. Clients also provided valuable feedback on the Silverchair platform and tools that we can now take back to teams.” —Adriana Collins, Business Analyst
  • “Content discoverability is a challenge that seems to unite all of our publishers regardless of their primary content type, business model, or organizational structure and will continue to be an evolving problem requiring continuous innovation, attention, and creative solutioning.” —Matt Abraham, Product Owner
  • “For me, the theme of Forum was ‘community.’ I had multiple clients mention to me how wowed they are by the community of publishers Silverchair has created and how excited they are that they’re a part of it. It felt really special to bring so many unique clients together, break bread, and find common ground and creative solutions for the rapid change that’s occurring in the industry today.” —Emily Hazzard, ProductOps Analyst
We’re excited to continue our commitments as a hybrid organization with more virtual AND in-person events in 2023, and hope to see you there.

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