It’s hard to believe it, but we’ve just completed the first sprint of our last PI of 2021. This has been a year with a few pivots in regards to platform projects due to shifting budgets and priorities, but we’re ending the year on a strong note with lots of promise for a strong start to 2022.

This PI will see the completion of some highly anticipated projects, including an affinity service which will provide reader tracking and targeted recommendations, as well as reporting on those affinities. Stay tuned for future work on affinities in early 2022 which will support targeted advertising based on affinity, as well as personalized content alerts and recommendations based on direct reader feedback on their desired reading topics. Also rolling out at the end of this year will be support for peer review report publication, informed by JATS4R recommendations, and a suite of improvements for special collections created using ProductBuilder. We will also be undertaking audits of cookies collected on our sites, as well as a theme-wide SEO and page load speed audit with a third party, Greenlane. They’ve worked with a number of clients in the past and we look forward to hearing their recommendations for improvements in these areas. Finally, we’ll be building out support for the load of ePub and .mobi files to better support ebooks on the platform in a more user-friendly manner. Next year we’ll expand upon these capabilities by implementing a reader that will aid in on-site ePub reading, as well as on-site PDF reading, with DRM capabilities.

2021 was a year of shifting, evolving, and being flexible in so many arenas, and Silverchair’s Platform Development was certainly one of them. We thank you all for being flexible as certain projects were postponed and we look forward to getting your feedback on these projects when we complete them next year!

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