2022 is already off to a roaring start here at Silverchair. The first quarter of this year will be dedicated to some projects to enable exciting new builds, as well as some preparation work to ensure a strong foundation to promising longterm 2022 projects.

PI 19 Preview

At the close of this program increment (PI), we will have functionality that will support the loading and downloading of EPUB and .Mobi files, expanding capabilities for ebook loading + downloading, as well as facilitating the use of more accessible file types. We will also start work this PI to identify and map out a solution for supporting an on-site eReader that will support EPUB and was as PDF files, with DRM capabilities. Another project to expand capabilities on the Silverchair platform this PI will be the theme release of institutional token capabilities. This functionality will allow publishers to sell token packs to institutional customers, supporting some non-traditional business models that are a good fit for some corporate customers. We also hope to close out this PI with the release of support for ROR as an institutional identifier in our content spec, which will incorporate yet another persistent identifier into our specifications, allowing for efficient and effective identification of author affiliation.

Projects that will break ground this PI, but not complete, include our long-term alerts enhancement project, as well as a build out of standalone multimedia loading + downstream delivery capabilities. The alerts enhancement project will be a multi-stage approach that will investigate and establish scalable and future-forward processes around alerting infrastructure at Silverchair, better data flow between our systems and our partner Campaigner, improved look and feel of alerts, and more user friendly pathways for readers to sign up for alerts and publishers to manage them. Standalone multimedia loading and deposit capabilities will be the latest in many recent projects to modernize the Silverchair platform and make it more content agnostic, keeping apace with the larger scholarly communication ecosystem.

We look forward to your partnership and collaboration on these projects and more in 2022!

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