This guest blog is written by Debbie Wilton, Marketing Manager for PSI, a partner in the Silverchair Universe program. 

We collectively operate in a world where “data is king.” The data we have at hand offers us a powerful tool that can help us to assess the rapid changes currently taking place within the industry—for example to existing, long-valued publishing models. It can also help us to identify the potential for new, entirely different opportunities moving forward.

But many of us are surrounded by so much information that it’s increasingly difficult to make sense of it all. How do we interpret and put to use the vast amounts of data contained within our log files? How do we convert, analyse, and create actionable interpretations of the anonymous usage data files and determine what they mean for our OA content and strategies? In the case of data relating to hacks, intrusions and spam attacks, how can we use this information to protect our businesses and prevent future intrusions? How can this data be used to collaborate with others in the industry and support efforts to deal with the widespread problem of content theft and piracy?

And another matter close to our hearts here at PSI, how do we ensure that the process of managing and communicating changes to complicated strings of data (such as IP addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6) are streamlined, efficient and accurate, and that our usage data is therefore accurately reflecting who is using what? Because if your IP addresses are incorrect, your usage metrics are similarly incorrect.

In short, how can we use the massive amount of data we have at hand to better serve our customers, understand and find opportunities in our rapidly evolving business environment, and identify new markets for our products?

PSI has developed services specifically tailored to the needs of publishers, helping to answer the questions asked above. These services enable the management, interpretation and effective and efficient use of data.

PSI is an independent company and is the brainchild of two veterans of the publishing world who, between them, hold over 40 years of STM publishing experience. It was while working for major publishers that they recognised a number of problems facing the industry that could only be overcome through communication, collaboration and innovation. Through our work to enable publishers, membership societies, and libraries to work together securely and confidentially towards common goals, PSI has found itself in a unique position to encourage collaboration across the academic research community.

PSI is the developer of both and and also the STM endorsed Due Diligence Bureau. With publishers and libraries can save time and streamline processes, eliminate errors, improve the reliability of usage metrics and ensure the right content is accessible to the right users. With publishers, and soon libraries, can join the academic research community driven fight against cybercrime. With the Due Diligence Bureau publishers can demonstrate compliance, fulfill legal obligations and protect their reputation.

In addition to these established services, PSI is able to offer PSI OA Metrics Generator, PSI Gap Analysis tool and PSI LogFileLeads. With PSI OA Metrics Generator publishers can develop a deeper understanding of their organisational readership. They can know who is reading their content and where their readership is based. With PSI Gap Analysis administrators can access a databank of over 60,000 content licensing organisations to identify potential new customers. And with PSI LogFileLeads they can interpret the data found within log files to create useful and actionable information. PSI enables publishers to use their own data to arm their sales teams with information that will help them to convince potential customers of the value they offer.

Our partnership with Silverchair allows publishers to benefit, not only from the preferential pricing that we offer to Silverchair publishers, but also from our collaborative working relationship. Silverchair and PSI will work together to remove barriers to success and to enable publishers to easily take advantage of the services on offer.

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