As Silverchair clients know, in each of our sprintly (every 3 weeks) platform release notes emails, we feature a spotlight on a Silverchair staff member. These spotlights include the “in a nutshell” version of what they do at Silverchair, a tip or trick for clients, and more. We’ve also heard from Silverchairians what they love about working here. Our people’s responses show the culture that we promote and gives insight into what makes us different. 

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Here are just some of the great qualities of Silverchair:

Wendy, Senior Software Engineer: "I love that I can work remotely.  At home, I can optimize my environment to perform my best work. Also, I work with people who accept me for who I am, despite my many flaws."

Billy, Front End Developer: "At Silverchair, we work hard, and I am constantly challenged by new things. I love this challenging environment because secretly one of my obsessions is mastery of a skill. Here, there are so many opportunities to learn new skills, that I feel like my job could look very different in two or three years. That is both terrifying and exciting! That said, I could not thrive in this constantly challenging environment without the right co-workers, and I am so thankful for them."

Tim, Scrum Master: "I enjoy the people, truly. Everyone here is incredibly friendly, and always willing to help if you are stuck on a problem or just need extra assistance. It really creates a great sense of workplace community and encourages some great collaboration efforts across the company as a whole."

Kestrel, Business Analyst: "I love working in close partnership with a client on a project and seeing it all come together. I am always super excited to see a new feature go live that will benefit our clients’ users and know I had a role in making it happen."

Matt, Business Analyst: "I truly enjoy the people I work with on both the Silverchair and the client side. It excites me that such intelligent, driven, and hard-working people choose to invest their energy into such important fields of publishing and knowledge dissemination."

Brooke, Content Architect: "I really appreciate the spirit of collaboration at Silverchair. We often put our heads together across teams to solve problems in the most effective way possible. We take the time to teach each other about different pieces of the platform so that we can all succeed."

Lily, CPO: "I enjoy our incredibly kind, funny, and brainy people. Nobody is ever too busy to help – especially when it comes to pulling off shenanigans!"

Ashley, Product Owner: "My absolute favorite part of working at Silverchair is the people! They hold true to the values Silverchair holds in high regard and contribute greatly to the positive and motivating work environment."

Mike, Senior Software Developer: "The learning culture.  That combined with Agile means we’re constantly working with new technology, or finding more efficient ways to deliver on our commitments."

Aaron, Senior Software Developer: "Software Developers rising in the ranks aren't necessarily expected to promote into management. Silverchair empowers all its employees to achieve their best career path, even if that means changing or creating new roles entirely!"


So, does Silverchair sound like the perfect place for you? Check out our Careers page to see our current openings and more about who we are as a company, what we value, and what we offer. We bet you'll love it too. 

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