(Charlottesville, VA and Melville, NY) April 24, 2023 – AIP Publishing (AIPP) and Silverchair announced today the launch of AIPP’s new digital publication platform, home to the most influential research, reviews, news, and analysis in the physical sciences.

In addition to hosting AIPP’s portfolio of more than one million articles and proceedings, books, and the Physics Today magazine, the platform also hosts the online publications for AIPP’s 10 publishing partners in the physical sciences.

Migrating to the new platform was an immense process which involved analyzing, converting, and delivering 47.4 gigabytes of complex, scientific XML (which you can read about in a case study from DCL here or during our Strategies Spotlight event on June 21st).

AIPP’s new site offers enhanced navigation, discoverability, and performance, as well as a more intuitive interface and architecture — all of which serves to bolster improved user experiences, publisher product management, and institutional administration. Other exciting new features include:

  • A thesaurus feed to link taxonomy terms with content outside of the platform
  • Greater accessibility for users with disabilities (i.e., WCAG accessibility compliance)
  • Easier workflows, which allow for adding new publications quickly with flexible configurations
  • Improved cross-platform navigation, discoverability, and video delivery
  • Contextual ads on both full-text and PDF content
  • New data integrations
On the Silverchair Platform, AIPP will now benefit from continuous feature deployment, ensuring that the site keeps pace with the latest industry requirements and user expectations. Beyond serving AIPP’s technological needs, Silverchair now provides AIPP with robust services, responsive support, and forward-thinking product strategy.

“We are thrilled to welcome AIP Publishing to the Silverchair Platform and to have built a long-term hub for AIPP’s ambitious and innovative goals,” said Thane Kerner, Silverchair CEO. “AIPP’s own commitment to the scientific community as a society publisher underlines the strategic fit between our organizations. Silverchair is a community-driven technology company, meaning that organizations like AIPP will directly inform our roadmap and product development, in collaboration with their publishing peers.”

“We are deeply excited about AIP Publishing’s move to this new platform because of the extraordinary value it will bring to our users across the globe,” said Ann Michael, AIP Publishing’s Chief Transformation Officer. “The pace of change in this rapidly expanding research community requires AIPP and our publishing partners to be nimble, efficient, and responsive, all while evolving a rich and accessible experience for the researchers we serve. We look forward to working with Silverchair to ensure our digital platform is a standard-bearer for years to come.”

Read AIPP’s announcement of the launch here.




About AIP Publishing
AIP Publishing’s mission is to advance, promote, and serve the physical sciences for the benefit of humanity by breaking barriers to open, equitable research communication and empowering researchers to accelerate global progress. AIP Publishing is a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) and supports the charitable, scientific, and educational purposes of AIP through scholarly publishing activities on its behalf and on behalf of publishing partners.

About Silverchair
Silverchair is the leading independent platform partner for scholarly and professional publishers, serving our growing community through flexible technology and unparalleled services. We build and host websites, online products, and digital libraries for our clients’ content, enabling researchers and professionals to maximize their contributions to our world. Our vision is to help publishers thrive, evolve, and fulfill their missions.


For More Information Contact:

Rob Press
Communications Manager
AIP Publishing

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VP, Marketing

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