Silverchair has earned a reputation for offering flexible technology, flexible terms, and flexible start-up options for our clients. These qualities have empowered our publishers to adapt to the ever-changing markets of scholarly and professional research, and they continue to be important as the industry considers further changes around Open Access (OA) mandates.

open accessThe Silverchair Platform facilitates a range of OA payment models and accommodates a number of publisher approaches to OA business models. We currently host over 100 Open Access journals, including:


Beyond fully meeting the technological requirements for OA mandates, Silverchair also provides publishers with a variety of tools and features that are of particular importance to OA publishing. These include:

  • Auto-filtered search, recommendation widgets, and topic collections to ensure that users accessing OA content are only presented with other OA content (eliminating the disruption of paywalls to a seamless OA user experience)
  • Article-level metrics to capture and reflect usage
  • Accommodation of various and custom OA license types in the metadata
  • Robust deposit services to meet OA indexing needs
  • Personalized content widgets presenting users with exclusively OA content from across a publisher’s catalog
  • Powerful and flexible advertising options to support revenue needs on OA content
  • Additional features and tools for engaging OA users and directing traffic toward other revenue-generating avenues


Want to know more? Read a case study about how Silverchair and ARVO collaborated to transition their journals to a full Gold OA business model and to drive traffic, cross-promote content, boost impact factor, and encourage submissions.

Open Access is a key issue for our partners, and we’re always ready to engage with you in these discussions. Reach out to us to learn more.

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