RieventFor continuing education (CE) providers, reduced administration leaves more time for impactful work. For CE learners, a user-friendly, intuitive experience means less hassle and more convenience.

Rievent gives CE providers and learners those advantages. A continuing education software platform, Rievent merges CE activities, CE content, and all CE-related administrative tasks into a single, integrated experience.

Using Rievent Connect, a CE application for publishers, CE administrators can:

  • Integrate CE activities with any existing content
  • Empower learners with instant credit processing, plus tools for transcript and certificate generation
  • Deliver a consistent learner experience to any device
  • Capture learner data automatically and generate one-click reports, eliminating manual spreadsheet administration
  • Automate all reporting for ACCME PARS, ACPE, NARS, and other accrediting bodies

For publishers using the Silverchair Platform, Rievent Connect makes it easy to create new CE activities, capture data, generate reports, and measure your impact. Your learners can earn CE credits seamlessly and without ever leaving your website.



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