Profeza offers a pro-reproducibility platform named CREDIT suite for publishers that enables authors to include all of their additional research outputs into one single reproducible inter-operable reuse recipe document. It also enables capturing of all the events of reuse over the period of time after publications to reward those who have contributed towards it. It makes the improvement of research outputs a continuous process rather than one-time event.

  • It encourages author re-engagement with their published articles to enhance their reusability/reproducibility and recognizes their efforts towards facilitating reuse of their own research.
  • It enables reader engagement by allowing them to submit their reuse instances in the form alterations to materials/methods or new use cases. It also aids in the extensibility of the research artifact and in rewarding readers for their contributions towards reuse.
  • All changes made by the authors to their reuse recipe document are versioned (to represent how they are facilitating reuse) with persistent identifiers. Reuse instances will have their own shareable and citable DOI’s as part of the academic literature.
  • Publishers aren’t required to have their own data management infrastructure, thanks to the inter-operable nature of reuse recipe document.

Detailed documentation about the tool can be found in here.

Link to a sample preview demonstrating inter-operable nature of the reuse recipe document can be found here.



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