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The Surgical Council on Resident Education (SCORE)—a consortium of seven U.S.-based surgical education organizations led by the American Board of Surgery (ABS)—needed to deliver a major upgrade to its legacy educational portal. SCORE turned to Silverchair to access the powerful education-focused functionality of the SCM platform.

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As the SCORE curriculum continued to be expanded and adopted by general surgery resident education programs across the U.S., ABS chose Silverchair as their product development partner to help them conceive and create the next generation of the SCORE web portal.

Unlike standard journals and books platforms, Silverchair’s SCM platform includes a full suite of education-focused functions—including customizable course module delivery, faculty-to-student assignment creation and tracking, self- assessment and testing, and administrative management and reporting. The SCM platform was the ideal choice for SCORE as it enables an integrated educational/reference experience suited for both program-directed and self-directed learning.

In March 2013, Silverchair & ABS released the new SCORE portal.

  • How SCORE Works

    Organized around the latest 2013-2014 Curriculum Outline, the new SCORE portal contains more than 650 educational modules developed in accordance with the six competencies required of a graduating surgical resident: patient care and procedural skills; medical knowledge; professionalism; communication; practice-based learning; and systems-based practice. Each module is an originally authored subject that follows a specific outline, ensuring consistency in the learner experience.

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  • How SCORE Works

    Within each module are defined learning objectives to focus the residents’ mastery of the material, open-ended questions that residents use to assess their knowledge of the material or that faculty use to facilitate a didactic conference, and targeted links to highly relevant resources including chapters from 10 leading major surgical textbooks, nearly 200 operative procedure videos, hundreds of images, practice guidelines, and other clinical and educational resources.

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  • How SCORE Works

    A feature popular with residents is the self-assessment area, which features more than 2,600 multiple-choice questions covering all of the content areas on the curriculum outline. Residents can select from across multiple competencies and categories to create custom quizzes to test their knowledge. These questions allow trainees to assess and focus their learning, as each question is accompanied by a detailed explanation and links to targeted remediation readings and study aids.

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Today 96 percent of U.S. general surgery residency programs as well as programs in other nations throughout the world subscribe to the SCORE Web portal.

The Future of SCORE

The SCORE Web portal has become widely accepted as an essential resource for high-quality surgical resident education. Today 96 percent of U.S. general surgery residency programs subscribe to the SCORE Web portal and participation has expanded to include surgery residencies in Canada and other nations throughout the world, as well as more than half of all U.S. osteopathic surgery training programs.

As an acknowledgement of SCORE’s success, educators in other specialty areas including anesthesia, orthopaedics, otolaryngology, and neurosurgery have all made inquiries regarding the feasibility of developing a similar system to support training in these fields. Pediatric surgery, vascular surgery, surgical oncology, and surgical critical care have all begun efforts to develop and deliver curricular content to support the learning of trainees in these fields using the existing Web platform. Through partnerships with other specialty boards and societies, SCORE is working to develop specific curricula for each of these fields.

The Benefits of Using the SCORE Portal

SCORE for Residents

  • Prepare for operative cases
  • Prepare for weekly conferences and other events
  • Improve their fund of knowledge about patient care
  • Learn about topics not emphasized in their current curriculum
  • Build their own self-study/learning plan
  • Study for exams

SCORE for Programs

  • Post program news and announcements
  • Assign modules in preparation for weekly conferences or other events
  • Incorporate materials from the website into presentations and face-to-face teaching
  • Use the open-ended assessment ques- tions as the basis for discussion in group teaching sessions
  • Create rotation-based curricula incorporat- ing SCORE Portal resources
  • Download reports of resident training activity and test scoring