Strategies Spotlight April 25

Tuesday, April 25, 11am EST


  • Will Schweitzer, President, Silverchair (moderator)
  • Rhiannon Wong, Senior Product Manager, McGraw Hill
  • Justin Bale, Project Director, WillowTree
  • Matt Abraham, Product Owner, Silverchair
Content hosting platforms offer many sophisticated features to users – including advanced tagging & discoverability, personalization, and the ability to display large quantities of data. Translating all that to a mobile experience, however, can be a challenge. Over the last year, McGraw Hill has collaborated with platform provider Silverchair and app developer WillowTree to create an app that delivers a variety of content types in a way that is seamless and easily referenced by a mobile user. Currently featuring everything from books and videos to infographics and diagnostic tools, iterative updates to the app will offer additional bidirectional syncing between app and web, affinities-powered recommendations, and Q+A content experiences. Join us for a case study on key considerations for hosting content off-site, managing multi-stakeholder collaborations, and identifying key format differences in user expectations and experience.


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