Silverchair Launches BITS XML for Reference Content on the Silverchair Platform

17 April

(Charlottesville, VA) April 17, 2014 - Silverchair Information Systems announced today that it has become the first major STM content delivery platform to successfully launch large-scale reference products using BITS-based XML with the recent releases of McGraw-Hill Medical’s OMMBID ( and ACP’s Smart Medicine (

With the earliest full deployment of the National Library of Medicine’s Book Interchange Tag Suite (BITS), Silverchair is on the leading edge of the newest and most flexible content standard in scholarly publishing.  With all new sites deploying content in BITS format, Silverchair provides greater ability for meeting business needs around “atomizing” or deconstructing book and reference content to create a host of creative product solutions.

“At Silverchair, we require deep and descriptive reference content tagging so that existing and new content sets are ready for granular combination and deployment into the online reference products of the future,” said Matt Hirst, Silverchair’s Director of Content Systems and Client Services. “We use BITS in combination with semantic enrichment to go beyond a basic online book that sits on a ‘virtual bookshelf’ and instead create thousands of well-defined pieces of reference content that can be creatively deployed into a wide variety of user-centered products.”

BITS is a superset of NISO’s Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) format that grew out of the JATS Archiving and Interchange Set. Version 1.0 was released by the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in January 2014.  Learn more about the BITS standard at

Silverchair is well underway with a major rollout of BITS-based content for multiple clients with hundreds of titles launching in the new format in 2014. The SCM6 platform will also become the home of thousands of other pieces of reference and education content (including cases, point-of-care modules, learning objects, and more) defined with the BITS standard.

“Adopting the BITS standard provides us the perfect balance of standardization, scalability, and configurability for reference content” said Hirst. “By implementing these industry standards (BITS/JATS) on SCM6, we’re enabling our clients to propel their reference content to greater reach, impact, and utility.”

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