(Charlottesville, VA) October 10, 2018 – Silverchair announced today the addition of Rievent to the Silverchair Universe, a framework for rapidly integrating complementary products and services with the Silverchair Platform.


Rievent Connect streamlines continuing education (CE) for both learners and publisher administrators by providing an uninterrupted user experience and automating reporting and analysis tasks. CE activities may be completed on-site, keeping education as a central and integrated part of publisher content.

As a Silverchair Universe partner, Rievent integrates seamlessly into publisher websites on the Silverchair Platform with a widget that allows users to log in, earn credits, and receive certificates, keeping users on the site while fulfilling their CE needs.

“Educational content is a priority for many of our clients, and we are pleased to further extend their capabilities through partnership with Rievent,” said Silverchair Chief Product Officer Jake Zarnegar. “Rievent’s services will enable our publishers to do more with their CE content by freeing up valuable administrative time, and we look forward to working with them.”

“More publishers are looking for ways to improve their learner experience, and seamless CE integration is key to achieving that goal,” said Rievent Technologies President and CEO Randy Rienerth. “With Rievent Connect, publishers using the Silverchair Platform can easily plug CE activities into their existing content. We’re excited to partner with Silverchair in simplifying CE administration and empowering CE learners."




About Rievent Technologies

Rievent Technologies was founded in 2000 to address the continuing education (CE) community’s need for comprehensive learning management software. Today, Rievent supplies publishers, medical centers, associations, societies, and others with valuable tools for creating and managing CE activities while meeting the needs of professional learners.


About Silverchair

Founded in 1993, Silverchair integrates and delivers scholarly and professional content from a single platform, providing distinctive online sites, unique products, and advanced semantic technologies to STM and humanities publishers, professional societies, and the federal government.


For More Information Contact:

Randy Rienerth
President & CEO
Rievent Technologies


Stephanie Lovegrove
Marketing Manager

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