Futurist Esther Dyson and the Reality of the Present

01 October

Tech visionary Esther Dyson recently gave some advice to Yahoo that has relevant nuggets of gold for STM content providers striving to deliver accurate, complete, and relevant search results to their customers. She recommended that Yahoo go back to its past to secure its future by offering a hybrid machine-human indexing and categorization solution to the “TMI” (too much information) problem:

You can’t rely on human editors to structure information anymore; you need automated tools, augmented by human expertise and specific domain knowledge. But search alone doesn’t work, either: Search is like a flashlight in a dark room; it pinpoints one or two things but leaves the surrounding space murky. What people really want is a lighted room, with things organized and displayed neatly on labeled shelves.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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