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17 May 2010

Semantic Web Elevator Speech

On today’s HTML-based web, Jabin’s shopping list is tagged so that it can be displayed as a list, but not much else. The future’s semantic shopping list defines the list as relating to a trip to the grocery store, and adds a category for each list item, allowing a computer to do much more with it than simply rendering it in list format.

02 April 2010

The Real World > Silverchair

The thesaurus supporting our Cortex medical taxonomy is distinguished from other standards by its…

26 January 2010

Searches for Clinical Trials: We Can Do Better!

Clinical trials are popular targets of searches in medical journals. To deliver accurate search…

20 November 2009

Usefulness Trumps Fun for Search Autosuggest

Many thanks to colleague Jake Zarnegar for pointing me toward Slate columnist Michael Agger’s…

06 November 2009

NIH Makes Big Strides Toward Funding Clarity, But Still Could Be Better!

Image via Wikipedia The NIH has rolled out their new RePORT (Research Portfolio Online…


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