2018 Professional and Scholarly Publishing Annual Meeting Recap

Last week, Silverchair attended the 2018 PSP meeting in Washington, DC with a team of six, representing our Delivery, Client Engagement, Marketing, Sales, PeopleOps, and Product teams. Here are some highlights from that experience.

Laura Spigone, Director of Agile Development:

“This was my first time attending a conference in the scholarly publishing industry, and it was a great experience! I enjoyed meeting with some of our partners and further developing our client and partner relationships, while also working to establish and grow new ones.”


 Paige Angle, Director of Client Engagement:

“PSP is a great opportunity to see our clients, in person, outside of their or our offices. Being in a different location allows for very different conversations. Though we spend a lot of time on a weekly basis interacting with our clients around the functional and technical aspects of our partnerships, meetings like this offer a chance to step back and discuss their bigger organizational priorities, industry trends and how our clients might be affected or involved, and broader topics like privacy, copyright, and diversity. These conversations bring important perspective to our daily work with our publishers, and add depth to our professional relationships.”


Stephanie Lovegrove, Marketing Manager:

“The PSP meeting was wonderful—well organized with a good variety of presentation topics, in-depth Q&As, and insightful keynotes. Between sessions, we were able to have productive meetings with clients and partners, and at the Silverchair-sponsored Opening Night Cocktail Reception and over dinner we got to catch up with them more informally. Relationships are very important to Silverchair: among our internal teams, with our clients, and with the many industry organizations we partner with, so meetings like this are as important to us for the time to connect as it is for the valuable sessions.”

PSP Opening Night Cocktail Reception

Craig Griffin, Solutions Engineer:

“Conferences such as PSP provide us opportunities to meet prospective clients with short, medium, and long-term horizons. It was great to talk to people who are enthused about our flexible, yet scalable platform, and to hear that our people and service consistently get strong marks from current clients. This powerful product and service pairing distinguishes Silverchair in the market.


Susan Dawson, Chief People Officer:

“This was my third year attending PSP and it is always great to connect with clients, get updates on the industry, and be challenged with new concepts. A session that stood out to me was on Diversity in PSP Publishing Organizations. What most interested me was the topic of unconscious bias and how it impacts. . . just about everything. (Food for thought: when interviewing, you want your interviewer to be drinking something hot. Cold beverages lead to a ‘no’ on the hiring decision.) Unconscious bias is not something most of us want to admit to, but we all have it. You can learn more about your unconscious bias by taking the Project Implicit assessment.”


Wes Royer, Director of Product:

“Face-to-face meetings with clients, partners, and other leaders in the industry are far more productive than email and phone calls, and having so many industry players in one place like PSP makes it easy and efficient to make contact and strengthen important relationships.

The presentation and panel content at PSP 2018 was focused on 'Data, Diversity, and Discovery.' At the 'Rise of the Machines!' session, a speaker proclaimed, ‘If journals don’t start applying machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, then bye!’ Silverchair agrees, and Product is already exploring ways for our platform to help publishers in this space given the vast amount of content, semantic, and usage data available to us.

At ‘The Three R’s: Reproducibility, Replication, Repeatability’ symposium, one speaker stated, ‘Replication is quickly becoming a necessity in scholarly research,’ and another said, ‘Researchers cannot even reproduce their own experiments!’ This is exactly why Silverchair Universe was already exploring partnerships with dataset, code, experiment, and visualization repository partners to ensure the Silverchair Platform offers solutions for reproducible and repeatable research.

After the sessions and networking, I feel confident that Silverchair's product roadmap is in-tune with market challenges and needs.


Thanks to all who connected with us. We’ll be attending the STM Annual US Conference & Society Day in April (and will have a presence at NFAIS and R2R before that), so reach out to us to get together there, or sooner!

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