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The American Medical Association (AMA), the largest association of physicians in the United States, publishes JAMA, one of the most-cited and highly regarded medical journals in the world, together with eleven specialty journals to offer enhanced access to the research, reviews, and perspectives shaping the future of medicine.

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The AMA selected Silverchair to upgrade their web delivery platform and unite their journals under a new umbrella, the JAMA Network. By getting involved early in the conception of the JAMA Network, Silverchair user experience experts became active participants in shaping the vision of the new unified architecture.

User-Centered Development

The AMA performed an extensive contextual inquiry process in which they directly observed how their users consume information in their workflow. Silverchair applied this user research to create the architecture and features of the unified JAMA Network, including:

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    Intuitive interface

    Provides users with an interface that highlights key JAMA Network resources, including CME, Online First articles, and multimedia.

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    Surfaces additionally, highly relevant articles and other resources from across all the publications in the JAMA Network and beyond.

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    Provides better results by normalizing synonyms, alternate spellings, acronyms, and jargon and by connecting closely related concepts.

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    New custom-built JAMA Network Store streamlines the purchase of subscriptions, CME, articles, and other resources.

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    Available directly on relevant articles as well as via a redeveloped CME section.

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    Easy-to-locate multimedia landing page displayed across the JAMA Network combined with streaming videos viewable within the article environment.

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    Users from all fields of medicine will find semantically generated topic collections that combine related content from across the Network.

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    The JAMA Network is optimized for reading on all devices.

Continuous Product Development

The AMA and Silverchair understand that online products must continuously evolve as the needs of their users evolve. In the first year after the launch on the SCM6 platform, JAMA Network rebranded the Archive journals, moved to an online-first model, deployed major search enhancements, and introduced CME by state. AMA and Silverchair continue to be responsive to the needs of their users in developing alternative content presentations, adding new features to the JAMA Network, and exploring new mobile delivery models.