PSP Seminar Series: Featuring Silverchair CEO Thane Kerner

The PSP Committee for Digital Innovation (CDI) is introducing another Seminar Series on Selected Topics in Digital Publishing.

Overview: Success in publishing depends on anticipating—not just meeting—the needs of professionals and scholars whose informational requirements may be high, inflexible, and far from obvious. Digital technology can help address those needs better than ever, but applied incorrectly, technology can also perilously isolate publishers from their audiences. In this series of seminars, speakers will explore the major challenges to serving today’s scholars, the common mistakes that well-meaning publishers make, and tested strategies for delivering precisely the right content when, where, and how users need it. Publishers must dare to be visionary, flexible, and learn from any failures to succeed in meeting users’ real needs, whether they know them or not.

Thursday, November 19th – 12:00-1:30 pm
Content + Innovative Workflow = Increased Publishing Results
The scholarly publishing industry has been talking about the improvement of the researcher’s workflow for the last 15-plus years. We have witnessed gains in other industries as the “App” revolution has allowed the consumer to be more productive in their everyday lives whether ordering products or dinner, getting directions or a taxi, etc. But what gains has the scholarly publishing industry made to integrate our content with consumers’ workflow and daily life? Join us for an update and discussion on this topic.

Thane Kerner, CEO, Silverchair Holdings LLC

To facilitate discussion and interaction, the number of attendees will be limited to 25 attendees in person. We are also opening up the series as a webinar for those unable to travel to NYC for the course.

Each 90-minute session, focusing on an important current issue in electronic publishing, will offer a 45-minute presentation followed by a 45-minute Q&A with discussion. All sessions will run from 12:00 – 1:30 PM and a light lunch will be provided for those attending in person.

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