Organizations of all sizes are choosing Silverchair for our modern, omniformat technology, exemplary service & support, and client empowerment. Learn more about why Silverchair is the right partner for you.

Why Silverchair

A full-featured solution for all scholarly and professional publishers


The Silverchair Platform balances scale, flexibility, efficiency, and discoverability, allowing us to meet the challenges of publishers with a wide range of content volumes, varieties, specializations, and publishing activities both now and as they evolve in the future. The Silverchair Platform supports many of the largest publishers in the world in their daily publishing activities, and the same enterprise-level capabilities are enjoyed by all our clients, including single-journal societies, books-only publishers, university presses, and professional publishers.

The Silverchair Platform is a scaled solution, meaning that tooling and functionality are designed to handle expansion over time. In addition to ongoing technical upgrades, Silverchair provides unparalleled service in the areas of partner strategy, client services, and ongoing enhancements. The dynamism of the platform roadmap, combined with the flexible architecture, allows Silverchair to grow and adapt with the variety of our clients’ evolving needs.


Publishing Tools


Clients of all sizes benefit from our robust self-serve site management tools – SiteMaster, SiteBuilder, ProductBuilder, and Zipline – allowing publisher staff (or designated vendors) to manage all facets of the site, including subscription and access management, content uploading, production and publication management, web page editing and layout, collection creation, e-commerce management, and reporting and analytics. These tools empower publishers to manage all relevant activities on their own, in real time, so that the organization can respond and adapt to near and long-term business needs.

The platform scaled to meet you where your needs are

small teams

For smaller publishers:

  • Self-serve tools that save development costs by offering easy-to-use interfaces for uploading and publishing content, adding and updating website marketing text, and analyzing usage.
  • A constant point of contact as a resource for product strategy, ongoing development, and guidance on enhancements.
  • A peer team of other Silverchair clients with whom you can network and share knowledge at our yearly client meeting, at industry conference gatherings, and beyond.
  • A partner and resource in monitoring industry trends, compliance, and third-party integrations.
large teams

For in-house development teams:

  • Our tools empower your staff to create and edit sites and content on the fly, develop custom collections, and manage CSS settings.
  • For enterprise-level clients, Silverchair offers the option of fully retained teams, acting as an expansion of your own technology resources.
  • Our Product team works closely with clients in developing our product roadmap, ensuring that your priorities are reflected in our priorities.
  • Access to raw data for use by publisher data scientists and analysts.

Is Silverchair right for you?

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