Our thanks to those who attended Silverchair Strategies 2017 on September 28th at the Apella Event Space in New York City. Strategies 2018 will take place September 26 & 27 at The National Union Building in Washington, DC. If you want to be added to the list for Silverchair Strategies updates and invitation, please contact us.

Silverchair Strategies provides an opportunity to take a deep look into our technology, our roadmap, and what we’ve accomplished in the last year. Whether you are an existing client or partner, or are considering becoming one, attendees get an intense exposure over the course of the day to the philosophy and culture of the company. With long term commitments between Silverchair and clients, it is crucial to know who you’re partnering with on a deeper level.

We’re developing the next generation of products, services, and business models. Silverchair Strategies offers a chance to learn more about how we think and how we are positioning ourselves and our clients for success.

Here’s what you will take away from attending Silverchair Strategies:

  • A clearer sense of Silverchair’s goals, product roadmap, and tools.
  • A deeper understanding of the industry, recent developments within in it, its future, and the global forces shaping it, as well as a better sense of how your organization can maximize its position
  • Closer relationships with Silverchair employees – from the ones you work with on a weekly basis, to those making broader decisions about the direction of the platform.
  • A broader network of colleagues with whom you can learn industry trends, hear case studies, and collaborate. You’ll get to hear how other publishers are tackling the same problems that your organization has with fresh ideas.
  • A wealth of ideas to bring back to your organization that challenge, energize, and inspire your team.

Strategies Program

Silverchair Strategies
 lays the foundation for a productive long-term partnership, and we look forward to continuing the conversation.

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