Platform Strategies 2018

2018 Photos, Slides, & Recordings

Washington, DC

For recordings and slides from the 2018 Platform Strategies meeting in Washington, DC, please click the session titles below.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Technology Leadership Roundtable: Changes, Capabilities, and Culture

Mark Doyle  •  American Physical Society
Max Gabriel  •  Taylor & Francis
Jim King  •  American Chemical Society
Stuart Leitch  •  Silverchair

Building a Unified Product Delivery Platform

Part 1: Benefits and Challenges of Platform Unification: Overview and Case Studies

Scott Henry  •  ASM International
Jasper Simons  • American Psychological Association
Jake Zarnegar  •   Silverchair (moderator)

Building a Unified Product Delivery Platform

Part 2: Productization: Putting it All Together

Allison Belan  •  Duke University Press
Daniel Griffin  •  Duke University Press
Jake Zarnegar  •   Silverchair (moderator)

What is the State-of-the-Art in Mobile Apps, and Is it Relevant to Scholarly Publishing?

Tobias Dengel  •  WillowTree Apps



Thursday, September 27 

The Future of Interfaces, Part 1: Human and Machine

Paul Cleverley  •  Robert Gordon University & GeoScienceWorld
Pierre Montagano  •  Code Ocean
John Unsworth  •  UVA / Hathi Trust
Tanya Vidrevich  •  XSB / SWISS
Jake Zarnegar  •   Silverchair (moderator)

The Future of Interfaces, Part 2: Smart Content – From Semantics to Ontologies to Topic Tagging

Jabin White  •  JSTOR / ITHAKA
John Magee  •  Gale Cengage Learning
Travis Hicks  •  American Society of Clinical Oncology
Jake Zarnegar  •   Silverchair (moderator)

Digital Education Gets an Upgrade: New Approaches, Products, and Services

Michael Clarke  •  Clarke & Esposito (moderator)
Paul Gee  •  JAMA Network
Mike Mutka  •  Straightaway Health Careers / Relias Learning
Anna Salt Troise  •  American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Search and Discovery

Anurag Acharya  •  Google
Niall Little  •   Silverchair (moderator)
Jan Reichelt  •  Kopernio / Web of Science
Ruth Pickering  •  Yewno

Scale v. Survival: Is the Future of Scholarly Publishing Exclusively Commercial?

Brian Crawford  •  American Chemical Society Publications
Tom Easley  •  JAMA Network
Jayne Marks  •  Wolters Kluwer Health
Ann Michael  •  DeltaThink (moderator)
Alix Vance  •  GeoScienceWorld

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