September 24, 2019

The New York Academy of Sciences

Silverchair’s annual client meeting provides an opportunity to take a deep look into our technology, our roadmap, and what we’ve accomplished in the last year. Attendees get an intense exposure over the course of the day to the philosophy and culture of the company. With long term commitments between Silverchair and clients, it is crucial to know who you’re partnering with on a deeper level.

We’re developing the next generation of products, services, and business models. Our annual client meeting offers a chance to learn more about how we think and how we are positioning ourselves and our clients for success.

Here’s what you will take away from attendance:

  • A clearer sense of Silverchair’s goals, product roadmap, and tools.
  • A deeper understanding of the industry, recent developments within in it, its future, and the global forces shaping it, as well as a better sense of how your organization can maximize its position
  • Closer relationships with Silverchair employees – from the ones you work with on a weekly basis, to those making broader decisions about the direction of the platform.
  • A broader network of colleagues with whom you can learn industry trends, hear case studies, and collaborate. You’ll get to hear how other publishers are tackling the same problems that your organization has with fresh ideas.
  • A wealth of ideas to bring back to your organization that challenge, energize, and inspire your team.

The Silverchair Forum
 lays the foundation for a productive long-term partnership, and we look forward to continuing the conversation.

Praise from past attendees:

“I would describe the event as ‘conceptually focused’ with specific examples provided throughout: really good. The statistical review and analysis was fantastic.”

“The flow, organization, and communication of ideas and strategy was excellent, and something all scholarly publishers should know about. I could tell you have great team working together, and keeping ahead of the curve.”

“The operational focus was very helpful – it allowed clients to fully understand Silverchair’s organizational structure, philosophy and strategic objectives. Clients were able to identify areas of synergy with publisher’s goals and those of Silverchair.”

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8:15am – Registration Opens

9:00am – Welcome to Silverchair Forum     

  • Jake Zarnegar, Chief Business Development Officer

9:15am – Opening Keynote
Silverchair’s CEO will talk about Silverchair’s growing community, position in the market, and vision.

  • Thane Kerner, CEO

9:30am – Leadership Q&A
 Bring questions to engage in conversation with Silverchair’s leadership around the company’s business strategy, perspective on industry shifts, and more.

  • Thane Kerner, CEO
  • Tim Barton, President
  • Jake Zarnegar, Chief Business Development Officer
  • Susan Dawson, Chief People Officer, and Customer Success

10:00am – Intro to Silverchair: Organization & People
Learn about the people and processes at Silverchair. Hear how we operate, what matters, and how we can work best together.

  • Susan Dawson, Chief People Officer

10:20am – Networking and Refreshment Break   

10:40am – The Silverchair Roadmap   
 This session will present clients not only with what Silverchair has planned, but also with our roadmap philosophy, platform decision making process, where roadmap suggestions originate, and how we approach functionality enhancements in the short-term and building a long-term vision.

  • Will Schweitzer, SVP, Product Management

11:40am – Scaling the Great Wall: Challenges in Delivering Research Content to China
 With growing research markets in Asia, publishers need to broaden their outreach and penetrate key territories, like China, but have been met with a variety of roadblocks. This session will discuss the technological issues surrounding delivering content to China and explore the steps publishers can take to overcome them.

  • Niall Little, Associate Director, Architecture
  • John Campbell, Head of Digital Strategy, Oxford University Press

12:10pm – Lunch
Lunch will be provided to attendees.

1:15pm – Making the Most of the Silverchair Platform   
Are you taking advantage of all that the Silverchair Platform has to offer? How can our suite of tools be used to develop new products and services for your users? Silverchair clients will present a series of case studies featuring examples of how the Silverchair Platform can empower your digital strategy in new and unique ways.

  • Gabe Harp, Senior Manager of Digital Products, The MIT Press
    In 2018, MIT Press conducted an experiment with Yewno, a Silverchair Universe partner, to enhance the Press’s internal book taxonomy. Having now launched an eBook platform – MIT Press Direct – with Silverchair, we are developing a pilot in which Yewno, Silverchair, and the Press collaborate to explore whether the integration of Yewno concepts into search indexing can improve the quality of search results. This presentation will highlight the journey we have taken thus far and what we hope to achieve during the upcoming pilot.
  • Alistair Reece, Product Manager, GeoScienceWorld
    GeoScienceWorld are in the process of preparing for the incorporation of a major content repository with a significant proportion of grey literature in to our existing collection of peer-reviewed journals and books in the geosciences.
  • Philip DiVietro, Managing Director, Publishing, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
    Philip DiVietro of ASME, will showcase his society’s conference proceedings. ASME sponsors 25-30 conferences per year and the output totals approximately 7,000 papers that are published in the ASME Digital Collection.

2:15pm – Operationalizing for Open Access       
Open access has been the subject of numerous industry blogs, conferences, and webinars, but beyond the financial or philosophical questions are several technological considerations. This session will lay out the technical requirements to support open access, explain ways the Silverchair Platform can enable your open access strategy, and a Silverchair client will discuss their transition to becoming a fully open access publisher.

  • Will Schweitzer, SVP, Product Management
  • Debbie Chin, Journals Manager, ARVO

3:00pm – Networking Break       

3:30pm – Partnering for Success   
The Silverchair Customer Success team will present the mechanics of the team, vision for moving forward, accomplishments from the year, and ways our clients can get involved to achieve our shared goals.

  • Sarah Heid, Director of Customer Success

4:00pm – What Publishers Need to Know About Software Development
Software development is a complex field with a high project failure rate. This presentation surfaces important considerations that publishers should factor into their decision making and management practices concerning software development.

  • Stuart Leitch, Chief Operating Officer

4:45pm – Technology and Product Q&A   
 The conversation continues with an open forum for discussion with Silverchair’s technology and product leadership. This dialogue may cover everything from cloud migration and security to competitive differentiation and traffic trends. Bring your questions.     

  • Stuart Leitch, Chief Operating Officer
  • Will Schweitzer, SVP, Product Management
  • Dustin Smith, Director of New Product Development and Innovation

5:25pm – Closing Remarks   

  • Tim Barton, President

6:00pm-7:00pm – Reception at The Kelly Room at the Beekman Hotel

*Schedule is subject to change

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