The JAMA Network: Redesigned, Responsive, and Live on SCM6!

06 October 2016

Charlottesville, VA | October 6, 2016: Silverchair Information Systems is pleased to announce the beautifully redesigned and responsive The JAMA Network has relaunched on SCM6, Silverchair's product development platform for scholarly and professional publishers.

Silverchair and JAMA engaged in an iterative and collaborative design and development process to create an industry-leading product that leverages JAMA’s collection of quality content and Silverchair’s powerful and flexible SCM6 product development platform. User research and testing facilitated the iterative design and development of the fully-responsive The JAMA Network with improved content discoverability and tailored reading experiences for all types of content. Leveraging personalization technology driven by user behavior, Silverchair is able to deliver a tailored content discovery experience, including to anonymous users, that will adapt with usage trends and patterns among The JAMA Network user base.

About Silverchair

Founded in 1993, Silverchair delivers advanced semantic technologies, publishing platforms, and e-learning solutions to scientific, technical, and medical publishers; professional societies; and the federal government. Silverchair is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA. For More Information
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