Silverchair’s SCM6: A Confirmed “Mobile-Friendly” Platform for Google’s New Pro-Mobile Algorithm

23 April 2015

April 23, 2015 | Charlottesville, VA – Silverchair announced today that all sites on the SCM6 platform have been confirmed as “Mobile-Friendly” by Google’s mobile-friendly test found at

Why Is This Important?  On Tuesday, April 21, Google released a significant update to the Google search algorithm. The update, which has been nicknamed “mobilegeddon”, focuses on the mobile user-experience. Sites deemed “mobile-friendly” by Google receive higher rankings within mobile searches while sites that fail to comply with mobile-friendliness standards will be demoted.  (Read more at:


 Example of SCM6 test results from Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.
“At Silverchair, we’ve seen mobile-usage rise dramatically over the last few years and have placed an increased focus on the mobile-responsive design across all of our SCM6 sites to ensure an optimal mobile user-experience” said Craig Griffin, Silverchair Director of Platform Roadmap. “The latest algorithm change proves the growing importance of mobile-friendly design, and we are proud to see our sites successfully achieve mobile-friendly status across the board.”

Is your site mobile-friendly? Test your site pages using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test:

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