Silverchair Launches Silvermine™ Business Intelligence Extension to the SCM6 Publishing Platform

19 November 2013

Silverchair Information Systems (Silverchair) today announced the launch of Silvermine, a major extension to the SCM6 platform that enables publishers to mine unlimited business intelligence from their online usage data. With a rich data cube of over 120 information facets, site usage at the hourly level, and an overlay of Silverchair’s unique semantic reporting indices, Silvermine reinvents how publishers have traditionally used analytics to understand their content and audience preferences.

“As competition for revenue, readers, and authors intensifies, it is vital for publishers to perform sophisticated analyses of their online usage,” said Thane Kerner, Silverchair CEO. "We designed Silvermine so publishers can now easily employ ‘big data’ analysis techniques to better segment their audience, better understand information usage patterns, and better predict which content and services will provide the highest level of user engagement.”

Silverchair publishers participated in hands-on Silvermine training sessions at Silverchair’s Technology Summit on October 18th in Ashburn, VA. "We’re excited to have Silvermine as a tool for gaining a more nimble, yet comprehensive, insight into our customers’ usage patterns. The data we can generate with Silvermine will support a rigorous analysis of our users’ interactions to identify new prospects and to better anticipate the product configurations and content areas that will best promote our online publishing efforts," said Melissa Coates, ePublishing Manager at the American Psychiatric Association.

“The addition of Silvermine to SCM6 represents a major advance in our platform technology,” said Forrest Swope, Director of Platform Development at Silverchair, “having the ability to track usage in a near real-time environment will give SCM6 publishers the advantage in understanding how users access content and how they can optimally serve them in the future. Sales teams will have faster and more complete access to targeted audience segments and upsell opportunities, while editors will be able to easily assess the effectiveness of new content, including evaluation of semantic trends.”

About Silverchair

Founded in 1993, Silverchair delivers advanced semantic technologies, publishing platforms, and e-learning solutions to scientific, technical, and medical publishers; professional societies; and the federal government. Silverchair is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA. For More Information
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