Senior Content Analyst

Do you love designing, analyzing, and managing content via content technologies?


The Opportunity

Our clients trust and rely on us to transform their standardized content into innovative and impactful online content. As Senior Content Analyst, you will have the opportunity to use your robust knowledge of content technologies and standards to ensure Silverchair continues to grow and develop as a leading platform provider within the STM scholarly publishing industry.

We are looking for someone with an intimate knowledge of how to create, transform, analyze, and manage structured content sets using standard content technologies (XML, XSLT, DTD’s, Schema, and RDF). Your work will help us streamline and manage the content lifecycle as well as keep us on the cutting edge of content technologies and standards.

What We Do

Silverchair is a product development partner to the Scientific, Technical and Medical scholarly publishing industry.  What that really means is we use and create advanced technologies to connect doctors, scientists, and researchers to the information and content they need to keep up with cutting edge research, diagnose complex conditions, or surveying the literature within thousands of topic areas. Silverchair facilitates this scholarly activity by developing incredibly dynamic online tools and applications.

How We Do It

Over the last 21 years, we have learned a lot – from both failures and successes. We maintain a progressive mindset and aim to create the knowledge products of the future – and we expect the same mindset from our carefully selected team of professionals – be progressive, be excellent, and learn constantly.

What You Will Be Doing

What You Need to Bring

Proven expertise creating and managing structured content sets using technologies such as XML, XSLT, DTDs, Schema, RDF